In the summer of 1746, Sara Anne Aldridge makes a daring escape from her home in South Carolina and the betrothal being forced upon her. She flees to family in the north of England and then embarks on a venture into Scotland to tour estates forfeited to the crown after the recent failed rebellion, but the party is set upon and the women are abducted for ransom.

Sara Anne is placed in the custody of maddeningly handsome highlander Adrian McGoldrick, and it becomes his responsibility to transport her across the county to the nobleman willing to pay to acquire her. They travel from lowlands to highlands and from being adversaries to reluctant friends to a love so deep that they will each offer the ultimate sacrifice to save the other.

 ‘A very impressive novel. There is action, suspense and passion. If you want a romance that is in no way watered down, this is perfect for you.’ -Huntress Reviews

‘A phenomenal plot that will keep you captivated!’ -The Romance Studio

‘One book I couldn’t take my eyes from. Jane Shoup has mastered the art of making the reader truly care about the characters.’          –ECataromance Reviews