Ammey McKeaf

At nineteen, Ammey McKeaf is a golden-haired beauty that is beloved and protected, not only by her father, the most revered General in Azulland, but also by five elder brothers, all champions of the games that are held in the medieval island country. Her brothers have trained and challenged her all of her life, especially at swordsmanship, which will serve her well.

Trouble stirs when Marko Corin, the ambitious leader of Bellux-Abry, seeks to gain control of the country. His small bands of highly trained soldiers, known as ‘wolf packs,’ roam the country, reaping destruction and death. When a pack strikes close to the Forge, home to the McKeafs, Ammey is escorted to sanctuary — but sanctuary is a thing of the past.
As violence reigns, Ammey is rescued and taken into the mystical Vihlae Forest, where she discovers strength she did not know she possessed, and learns the art of survival from one of her rescuers, sparking an undeniable passion. As Ammey travels from one end of Azulland to the other, battling to survive and protect those around her, she will be tried and tested beyond anything she could have imagined, but will her efforts be enough to save herself and those she loves?

“I love this story. I love this writer. As usual Jane Shoup creates such likable characters, but I think even more so in this book. The heroine, Ammey, is personable and courageous. I couldn’t put the book down. Read it! AMMEY McKEAF is wonderful.”

Cynthia WhittenRomance Reader at Heart

“…full of passion, adventure, romance, greed, hate, supernatural characters and every element will stir your inner-man to sit up and take notice. I have to say I’m hooked. Top notch; highly recommended.”

Shirley JohnsonMidWest Book Review

“This is one of the most outstanding ebooks I have read… EVER! I found myself hooked from the beginning and did not want to stop reading. Anytime life interrupted me, I would growl and hurry with whatever needed my attention so I could return to Ammey’s tale. I can hardly wait until Book Two of the Azulland Chronicles is released! Very highly recommended!”

Detra FitchHuntress Reviews

“I could not stop reading this book. I actually was sad when I reached the end. This book is a must read.”

GretchenFallen Angel Reviews

“. . . an exciting, creative story that is just the beginning of an adventure. The story is filled with colorful characters. Ammey is a young woman that has been raised with five brothers. She has been trained in fighting with the sword and can stand against any man. This action adventure’s main character will face terrible torture and survive to become stronger. The descriptive writing is marvelous. The clang of swords as they fight, the wall of the dungeon as Ammey is tortured, the quiet times as she listens to the people around her are all easily pictured. I anxiously look forward to more stories in this series.”

5 HeartsThe Romance Studio

“A wonderful book about responsibility, danger, love, intrigue and commitment. Ammey is a wonderful character that grows from a nineteen-year-old pampered girl into a self-sufficient young woman who makes decisions that affect the countryside. Marko Corin’s character is not the normal male role. He goes from being easily led by inside forces to a character to reckon with. The Chronicles of Azulland are a must read. I cannot wait for the second novel to come out. Ammey McKeaf ended at a critical part and I am anxious to read what decision Ammey will make in the spring. What an awesome ending to a novel that earns a twelve on a scale of one to ten.”

Dawn MyersWriters Unlimited