Beach Trip 2015

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Let me preface this by saying the mini-vacation was very good and the house was lovely, walking  distance to gorgeous Wrightsville Beach, and big enough … except for the majority of the beds. Not one of us is petite and my future son in law is 6’7. We are people that need jumbo-super-sized, king sized beds. My daughters, grandbaby, grandpuppy and two of our men folk were able to go. We missed son in law, Mark, but he felt compelled to make a living. Understandable since baby number two is on the way.

Scott and Brian were looking forward to fishing, and fish they did, (from the pier and from the beach) although no fish of significant enough size were caught. The sound was in our backyard and they tried to fish that one day, although they rarely cast beyond the weeds or prairie grass or whatever you call that long, green swampland foliage. Watching from the balcony beyond a master suite that was meant for a writer’s retreat, I had to laugh at some of their endeavors. Who knew fishing could be such a great upper body workout? No kidding. It was a vicious man vs. marshland and swamp grass battle. (Sadly, I have to declare the land the winner. It came away with bait, fishing hooks and one Rainbow leather flip flop.) Speaking of flip flops, when a water moccasin was seen in the water, my daughter’s boyfriend almost did a back flip and that finished the fishing day for him.

I have to say that four days (which is all we could get the house for since we were late to schedule) is not enough. It’s too much work to plan, shop, pack and go and then repack and go again for four days. Not nearly enough. Let’s face it; it takes two days just to decompress from one’s real life. I hereby pledge that the next summer getaway will be longer, well planned, well in advance. Still, I have some wonderful memories and mental images as take-aways.

19 Wilm Trip

  • Laleigh (18 months old) walking around discovering everything in the house on the deck (collectively, our favorite gathering spot.) Her little waddle is something to behold. She didn’t much care for sand or surf, but being held while strolling the beach and people-watching was perfectly acceptable.
  • My daughter and future son in law checking out at the grocery store. Who knew Harris Teeter could be a romantic adventure? But, with them, almost everything is.
  • Camden (puppy) and Laleigh at play. Laleigh generously offered her sippy cup and Camden gratefully tried her juice.
  • My daughters doing their thing. Talking, talking over one another, laughing, talking …
  • Sitting on the lifeguard stand with my guy enjoying wine while surveying the ocean and talking about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. We’re big believers in the concepts.
  • Family dinners. Talking. Laughing. Sharing. Drinking.  You know, the stuff that makes life worth living.
  • 3a Wilm Trip.

Long live summer!

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