Heirs to the Throne

More than one man in Azulland craves the ultimate prize – control of the country. Nafino Zephyr, hand to the king of Bellux-Abry, is willing to sell his soul to get it. Denyson Folworth, heir to the throne of Qaddys, is willing to execute anyone who stands in his way, even his own father. After months of bloody warfare, a respite is desired by all, especially Ammey McKeaf, daughter of the country’s greatest general. Exhausted by the events of the previous year, Ammey craves normalcy and peace, but a king and a famed hero-assassin both vie for her heart – a heart that is torn between them. In a perfect world, there would be time to rest and recover, but this is not a perfect world. The life of everyone Ammey loves is in mortal danger.