Winner of the 2006 Eppie Award for Best Action/Thriller

The last year has been tough for Jack Wilmont, so he takes a leave of absence from the Raleigh PD’s Major Crimes Task Force, just as a serial killer strikes again after a year. Having worked the case before, Jack agrees to look at the evidence, but the good deed leads him to the case of a missing nine year old girl, kidnapped from her home. Knowing he is in over his head, he does what comes naturally. He enlists the assistance of his best friend and former partner, Terry Carson.

Despite the pressure of time passing and having too many avenues to investigate, especially in an unofficial capacity, it’s irksome when the FBI swoops in to take over the serial case. Despite a warning, Jack and Carson refuse to give up. They know they are after a brilliant and dangerous psychopath, but the plot they uncover is complex, sophisticated and far more evil than anyone is prepared for.